Moa Nation

Published on 12 February 2008 by in Blog, Peter


Last week before i left, i wrote this song to explain my mood –

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. I know its not much but i think it was fitting.

Now i am living an a house owned by its architect on the side of an ancient volcano in Auckland, New Zealand.  There would be quite a different son for my current mood.  Almost all window in the house extend from floor to celling and can all be completely opened, transforming the house into a patio with a roof.

The House

front porch view

back patio


I’ve been learning a lot.  The Moa is the tallest extinct bird.  It is HUGE.  It roamed New Zealand just a few hundred years ago. I am determined to resurrect it.  be concerned.

I just visited a very new island created 600 years ago by a volcanic eruption – Rangitoto.  Plants are slowly staking there claim on the new, rugged ground.  New Zealanders, who are very good about the environment, allow this process to occur without interference.


Seeing amazing things by yourself is totally different than sharing it with a group.  With a group, the beauty and excitement acts as a collective, with everyone sharing certain details.  Your mind is slightly at ease because you know there are others contributing to  a common experience.  Alone, you are solely responsible for the experience, you are the only one with something to show for it.  It can be much more powerful, and much heavier.  However, it seams easier to take in everything – if you have time.

I miss open mic.

keep writing music.

3 Responses to “Moa Nation”

  1. ted says:

    i love Snow and Fog, fucking love it

    and seriously, that house looks/sounds insane! i can’t believe you’re living in it

    when you resurrect that Moa, keep it the hell away form me, it looks like it’s 8+ft tall?? what the hell….

    keep takin it all in peterbutterrrrr, then share it when you find the time.. look forward to hearing more

  2. storr says:

    i think you might die soon… (if you recieve a package from me, open it immediately, vigorously, but please run about 100 yards away from anyone you love.

  3. andrew says:

    seriously good song. very ‘Mogwai’

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